Guilt-fest by the Guiltless

got guilt

I am loving the current guilt-fest by the guiltless of society.

I watched a major network interview (interrogation?) where the host tried to guilt Nancy Grace into feeling sorry for a word she chose in a  publicly captured statement. I don’t mean something someone took time to write and chose to word purposefully. I’m talking about talking, but it being caught on camera, and then being stoned for a “poorly” chosen use of a word or phrase that the gods of this age have all agreed goes against their commandments; you know something intolerant, or insensitive, etc… their definition of blasphemy of course.

And so I am left in a wonderment. This Age of Tolerance where there is no God to say what is right and what is wrong, is actually run by many gods. All these “freedom” fighters yearning to be free from the oppression of religion and it’s tenents of morality, have only and simply replaced that God with themselves and their own religion of Self, and are now, with their media influence, despots forcing their oppression by riots, causes, and scathing criticism to downright verbal stoning and political boycotting of anyone of a different view. Talk about Pharisees? Talk about Hypocrisy! Can we say I Paula Deen?

So the very thing they swear there should not be – guilt – is the very vehicle they try to drive over those who don’t agree with their religion of immorality!

Where is the speech of John Galt when you need it?
Atlas Shrugged

Gotta love it.

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