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Logic for the Sake of Logic

January 31, 2012

The Logic god.

God showed me a picture of my habits and coping mechanisms.Does God ever speak to you in pictures? We often have “conversations” this way.

::I am a child burdened with boxes I utilize to cope and get along, and that I think are so crucial or helpful::

But God says, No, no. These aren’t Me.

For example, one was this velvety blue box which I immediately removed the lid to and turned it upside down to sit just inside the box. I began filling it with water: Does it hold water?

– I tend to test everything against scripture. I couldn’t see how this was a bad thing! I couldn’t get past it. I still don’t understand it.

But, finally I resolved to know what else the box represented. If it was God showing me something he would complete the picture.

So I removed the lid completely and looked inside the box – and there in the velvet lined, deep blue interior was a large magnifying glass: well maintained, tenderly kept.

– Everything must be examined and magnified to see if it be true, reasonable, and logical. And woe to that which is none of these! – So my attitude often is.

I really do pride myself on logic and reason. And I’m not even that deeply educated in either discipline!! But it’s the world’s favorite language. Even Paul met the logic or reason of different cultures. Jesus argued the Pharisees arguments. I thought that’s what I was trying to do. But God is saying he is not in this fixation. I didn’t fully understand, but I gave him the box, trusting he would change me or redirect me.

Here is a current, practical situation I so desperately want to meet with logic or reason – tell me what you think!

A speaker said in a recent homeschool convention session that her daughter encountered a professor at Oxford that declared: How do you know there is “childhood”? Why wouldn’t children want or be allowed to watch p*rnogr@phy?

gut reaction:


punch, slap, kick said professor and then check desk for crack pipe.

The speaker said she could see how they had raised their children to have a worldview and a heart for the Kingdom of God and winning souls for that kingdom by her daughter’s reaction and confiding statement to her mother: Mom, she’s a lost soul.

It really bothered me!!! Not her statement, the crazy crack-addict professor’s.

Now, after thinking about it for a few hours, I decided instead of beating her, I want so badly to be able to ask – with all sincerity and gentleness, because NOW I have a question in the vein of HER reasoning or logic: (I still think this is right!!)

I want to ask the professor: Well, if there be no childhood, why would these small people(?) be sitting around watching anything? Why wouldn’t they be working? Why are there “child labor laws”? The Convention on the Rights of a “Child” says their “childhood” should be protected from work: why? If they be just little people and we be just big people, why should big people be paying for them to have or do ANYTHING (let alone p0rnogr@phy – oi vey!); why wouldn’t the “little people” just find labor that is suited for them so we are ALL contributing to the welfare of society? That’s how it was before the early 1900’s. Now we have fat, lazy, sassy “little people”. Seems to me they should be off their butt working, not watching p0rn!

Come on! Isn’t that good? Wouldn’t that make the woman ( hopefully) pause for thought?

Hurray if it could!

But is that God?

I don’t know what Jesus would have said or done. But by his words he either condemned or graced the receivers of his arguments – and all to point toward the Kingdom of Heaven.

I don’t know that my obsessive use of logic and reasoning or testing is always pointing back to the Kingdom of God.

Unfortunately, it may some times, be pointing to its own little god: the god of logic and reason for logic and reason’s sake.

Help me, Lord!

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