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Where Were You on 9/11?

September 10, 2011


My mom was visitng us and was going to take us to see the Biltmore House in Ashville the next day. I was making pancakes and Troy was at work at Pope AFB. My oldest son came running in saying, “A plane just hit my favorite towers! The Twin Towers!” I just figured some drunk pilot of a private craft messed up. When the second plane hit, I knew it couldn’t be a coincidence but I couldn’t fathom what else it could be. When I saw that plane hit the Pentagon I knew we were at war.

I tried desperately to get hold of Troy Floyd thinking they might send him off somewhere. He called within the hour after getting out of a meeting and just finding out himself. They kept then all on lockdown on the base for some time. Meanwhile Marsha Green and Miss Marion Smith Williams were calling one another and praying. Marsha came and picked me up while my mom stayed at home with my 11yo and 18mo. We went to the church and PRAYED AND PRAYED AND PRAYED. We prayed over a map of America, we prayed over her daughter as for all our children. We prayed for our leaders. I went home and then my whole family came back to church along with many others and we PRAYED AND PRAYED. And Michael Fletcher gave us pastorial wisdome saying we should not seek revenge as individuals but our country is charged by God to defend its people. We prayed over our military and we prayed for our leaders. And we prayed for the Unity of America to turn back to God.

We all thought very soberly concerning the message just the evening before:

Jackson Senyonga, a guest speaker from Africa, preached from our pulpit at Manna: God will use desperation or desoloation to turn the hearts of people.

I am still praying, God make us desperate for you so we don’t have to fall into desolation.


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