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40 Something…

September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!Happy Birthday to me!

The big Four – Oh. Wow, right? Or, is it really? Well, it wasn’t. I mean, I didn’t have a big black-out party, or any party at all actually. However I did get what I asked for: a Starbucks gift card. šŸ™‚

Did you realize the number 40 represents “testing” in the Bible? Think about it:

It rained 40 days and 40 nights with Noah in the ark.

Moses was 40 years in the desert before God revealed Himself and commissioned Moses to go back to Egypt to lead God’s people to Mt. Sinai, where again, God used the number 40 as the amount of days Moses was on the mountain with Him while the children of Israel fell to temptation and fear.

Jesus was in the desert 40 days fasting when the devil came to temp him.

I haven’t been tested for theĀ entirity of my 40 years, but for theĀ last two years to the finish of my 40th, it was pretty rough.

Calob was 40 when he was chosen as one of the spies to enter the promise land and spy it. God gave him an opportunity to spy his future. And did Calob come back with a grim prediction? No! He saw his future as being full of opportunities for God to gain victories! How do I see my future?

When I get that sort of perspective, I feel faith rising inside of me to choose to see my future as full of potential victories as well.

Now, Calob didn’t see that future come to pass for another 40 years! But when it was his time, the Bible records that he was as strong as he was when he was 40. So at 80 years old, he took his mountain. He watched God obtain victory for his people,Ā then he went and took his own ground as well.

That’s what I want my 40th birthday to be about: Believing God for a victorious future, one in which the things that I’ve been tested over, the deserts that I will walk, will all amount to an amazing life of faith and strength to persevere and see God’s deliverance in the end – stronger than ever, taking my land even to the end of my days.

So yes, happy birthday to me, and praise and honor be to our God, forever and ever amen.


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