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The Power of One

May 31, 2011

It’s such a cliche to talk about one person making a difference, but it’s true! Our pastor was fired up this Sunday and you could literally see and feel the difference from worship to the closing prayer. It’s been a rough year, but he decided to move forward, and we all benefitted.

When you think your pity-party is a party of one, you are so wrong; your bad attitude is at least odorous if not contageous! Remember the ten spies of Israel. Their fright and despair spread through the entire nation faster than a plague! And God held them responsible for such wreckless faithlessness.

But you can be the power of one! Maya Angelo is credited with saying: One person with the word of God is the majority! Caleb and Joshua saw the same things the eight other spies saw but they knew the word of the Lord was for them and not against them. Everyday we have opportunity to be the majority even when we have to stand alone. If God is for us, what can stand against us?

We become an atmospheric influence for change with our attitudes. But are we going to be sunshine or rain, breezy or blowhards, hopeful or hazardous?

What is your barometer reading?

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