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Shopping Carts

May 31, 2011

I’ve heard Joyce Meyer use them as an example of Christian character, and my friend tells me John Piper has used them as a sermon illustration as well: shopping carts. Well, I have a use for them too.

What if people were like shopping carts?

As you go to pull a cart from its metal nesting, are you hoping for the one with the bad wheel that pulls to the left and squeals all the way around the ailes? Do you figure it needs to be used too and feel sorry for it so you use it anyway? If you stick with it, how well does your shopping trip go? I’ve done it a few times, and OH! what a difference in my time <i>and</i> my attitude.

I’m supposing most times this is not what you choose. You abandon that sucker as soon as you see another empty cart, even if it’s in the middle of an aisle – sorry, Joyce. You want the clean, child-friendly, straight-shooting, easy-wheeling, quiet cart. You’re not galavanting about the store taking up precious time fighting a shopping cart! It’s just a shopping cart, that thing is heading for the heap.

Now I’m not saying people don’t need ministry, but people don’t enjoy ministering to the miserable. This is more an analogy of everyday life and fun-time, friendly relationships anyway.

Healthy People don’t want to socialize with drama-filled, emotionally overloaded others. That’s just life. And <i>you</i> can do something about it.

So don’t be a squeaking shopping cart hoping people will choose you anyway and not abandon you when all you do is slow them down, take up time meant for their family, and pull them off course as they are trying to do what they are supposed to be doing. Don’t start your squeaking and wriggling with all your self-inflicted drama and not realize the negative effect you are having on the people you so want to be your friend. Don’t be surprised when no one takes the time to fix you but just puts you back where they found you only for you to get used and abused again!

Get strong, straighten up, and show that you have worth as a friend and as a person. You can be part of the team, you can be productive, and you can recognize the world doesn’t revolve around you.

Shopping carts are supposed to help people carry their loads, not be burdensome beasts.

You should be helping to carry someone else’s load, not be a burden.

Happy Shopping! 🙂

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