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May 31, 2011

I feel like a new person after I’ve written something in which I expressed myself. I feel like a new person after I’ve counseled with a person and encouraged them. I feel like a new person after I’ve sung a song, or performed in a play.


Why do I need venues to express myself, or share with people some type of performance?

God has created us to express. Please follow this analogy with me: it’s like the need to express milk. If a cow isn’t milked, she will become engorged, her body will diminish the supply. She could become ill and she could dry up. if a mother doesn’t nurse her baby or express the milk, she will become engorged. It is very painful. It could lead to an infection. She could also dry up. Women were made to nurse their babies. We were all made to express.

God has put in all of us the ability to express some form of his goodness and nature. He is a creator and we are his creation, made in his image, therefore also made creative. That can range from your creativity organizing your house, to how you come up with solutions to problems at work, in your marriage, or in raising your chidlren. It can also look like what we traditionally term creative: singing, dancing, writing, painting, acting, decorating, designing. But it still takes something we all are required to do: WORK!

Some years back God informed me that while I might be anointed I am far from faithful. OUCH! I sort of took the optional rout to ministry or creativity. I wanted to write and publish songs. But did I sit at the piano everyday, or carve out a regular time to work on writing or sining? No. I wanted to be in ministry. But did I study my Bible every day, and show up where or when I was needed whether I felt like it or not? No. Anointed, or creative isn’t a feeling, it’s doing. Faithfulness is doing whether you feel like it or not. Ugh… so not there yet.

Now, my new goal is to be a writer. Do I carve out time every day to write? No. I have been writing more lately, but I still haven’t committed to it in faithfulness. Yet, it feels so fulfilling when I do it! Whether it’s writing here, or creating a grammar exercise for my Classical Conversations homeschool co-op, or trying to write a book. I feel better after I have expressed something.

Expressing is a purging of something that is building up inside of us. Now people express things all the time, but not all are godly or life-giving. See, if you go back to the milk analogy, milk is life-giving. It feeds another, or, many! What you express should positively effect someone else. That’s what I really love to do. I loved nursing my babies, and I love expressing God’s creativity.

In what ways can you seek God about being expressive in this way? And then be faithful to do so?

I can start carving time each week to write and set a reasonable goal: 30min 3x a week.

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