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Adventure According to Up!

May 31, 2011

If you have children you undoubtedly have seen and or own Pixar’s movie, UP! What a tear-jerker for a little kids show right? Was it the part when Carl Fredrickson loses his home or when they had to say good-bye to the bird, Kevin? Was it when he walked up to pin on Russell’s badge, or when they sat and had ice cream?

For me it was when Mr. Fredrickson realized his wife didn’t miss out on an adventurous life afterall: He was her great adventure. And she wanted him to go and have some more – by Providence – with a child.

You see, I was pregnant at the time. With my seventh child. I wasn’t sure I believed in Providence anymore. I felt overwhelmed and I thought I could see my dreams and ambitions slipping away in front of my eyes. This cry escaped my heart up to heaven as I watched Carl flip through Ellie’s book of adventures, realizing all the things, and places she wanted to do and see, he feeling bad he didn’t make sure those things happened for her.
But then…

But then…

the page flipped again.

The corner caught his eye and he realized she had put something else down. Something about actually having adventures. As he walked back through the pictures of their life together, he came to the realization that though she was heart-broken they couldn’t have children (another stab in my eye), she continued to enjoy and love their life together. And just in case he didn’t get the message, she spelled it out for him on the page while on her deathbed: Thanks for the adventure. Now go have one of your own. She left pages for him to fill. And who had Providence placed on his path to get him out of his house, his head, and his heart full of unfulfilled dreams? A child.

God wants us to know, there is no greater adventure than Him and the people he brings across our path – including and especially our family. Having children doesn’t keep you from living your dreams! They keep you grounded to live an adventure. Sometimes people think dreams are more impressive, more important, more desirous. But adventure is when you take chances and they pay off! Even when circumstances don’t lead to success, the failure is full of promise: wisdom, experience, humility, forgiveness. When the Lord writes that he will give us the desire of our hearts, I am pretty sure he means to with adventure – rough and tumble, rugged and messy, not dreams with trite ideals and romantical fantasies.

Adventure! It’s out there – right in your own home.

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  1. June 3, 2011 12:22 am

    Good post. Adventure should be part of the Christian life. If we’re to live without fear of the world, then we should be about the business of changing it. I’ve had much adventure in my life, the only time it gets to be a problem is when I try to out run God. Done that more than once.
    I never have made it through that movie, we own it, I just must be too busy living the adventure. I appreciate the “heart” from which you penned this. I saw your name on another blog, kind of caught my eye. Glad I did…

    • June 3, 2011 4:32 am

      Amen! Adventure’s out there! Sometimes we have a difficult time with God’s definition of it compared with ours. Glad to hear you are living it!

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