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You Complete Me

May 21, 2011
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“You Complete Me”

(From the movie, Jerry McGuire)

What a bunch of hooie. I’m not a cynic, or even a realist; I’m a supernatural-believing, romantic within context. What context? One that does not include (as much as I can help it) the perverted (deviated) concepts and offerings of Hollywood, the world, or our contemporary society. My context is biblical. The greatest love there ever was, or ever will be is that of God for me – and for you! He is the ultimate romantic. Good grief he DIED for you! If that’s not a show of passion and affection I don’t know what is. I mean he went to hell and took the keys to death and the grave for you! He redeemed you from what you rightly deserved and even took that punishment for you!

People wrongly summize God is about rules. God, our Lover, is about relationship. A living, active, romantic, passionate relationship. If the only thought running through your mind right now is one of physical sex, that’s lust my friend. If all you want is a “thrill” of “chemistry” when you are with someone, that is lust and affection – the coccaine and crack of the emotional world you are living in. It’s called soulishness. Love isn’t a “feeling”. It is action; it is in motion with true chivalry, commitment, care, consideration, service – “love” is other focused. If all you can think about is getting some – again, that’s lust, a desire for affection.

Speaking of “desire” no one could desire you, for who you are, more than our God. He made you, he knows all your shortcomings and he STILL wants you more than anything else. That’s why HE completes you.

That’s right, in that sappy movie, cheesy sort of sense, and so much more, God completes YOU. You can forget being someone else’s completion – that’s really idolatry. There’s only one being in the universe of existence that is able to complete someone: Jesus. In Hebrews 12:2 God tells us JESUS is the author and perfecter of our faith. That means the reason we can have only a mustard seed of faith is because JESUS completes our faith! Doesn’t that make you want to jump up and do a jig? Oh sweet joy! When I don’t have “enough” faith to believe for my husband’s healing, JESUS completes my faith. When I grow weary believing for transformation in my child’s life, JESUS completes my faith. He makes up the difference – no matter how great. There is no limit to his completion abilities OR desire.

HE completes me. And I am eternally grateful.

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