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The God of Endurance

May 20, 2011

I clicked on my blog and read the last entry this evening. It’s subject: endurance. Have you ever prophesied to yourself? You ought to give it a go now and again… and again, and again. Don’t wait for the man of God to show up at your church. We don’t need fortune tellers, we have the Spirit of Prophecy – which is the testimony of Jesus Christ – living inside of us. Most often it is our own spirits which hinder our ears from receiving that which the Spirit is speaking to our hearts.

I’m going through some difficult stuff lately. Emotional turmoil and worry. And I just hate that I would “worry” about anything. Is the Lord’s arm too short? Is anything <em>impossible</em> with God? Does worry actually accomplish anything except making me sick to my stomach? It can’t add one day to my life or one hair to my head, or change one iota of a circumstance.

Feelings are such liars, I will tell you the truth. Many years ago I set my face like flint to get “soulishness” out of my soul. I don’t want to live like a drama queen; afterall I’m already a princess to the King of kings. But I will tell you this truth also: without the Word of God on a regular basis being fed into your inmost being, you will fall to feelings. You will bow to your bowls, and Jesus will not be dwelling in your heart through faith. That is what happened to me.

It’s been at least a year if not two or three(!) since I was regularly reading and digesting my Bible. I’d even fallen off of a steady diet of worship music. You don’t even feel the difference until a crisis hits. Then you are lost in the storm, tossed about by every wind of feeling or thought – is it mine, God’s, or the enemy’s? You can’t renew your mind just every so often and expect it to stick. It has to be a consistent habit of relationship with the Word of God and His Spirit. God and his word have to be your rock, all other ground is sinking sand. (Rom 12:2)

So, I dove headlong back into God’s word. I needed scriptures about healing so I did a google search: “healing scriptures”. Found a wonderful little site with a Bible reading plan for a year and scriptures on healing (<a href=””></a>). And Joyce Meyer’s site had a downloadable booklet that was wonderful (<a href=”Joyce”>”>Joyce Meyer Healing</a>).

Wherever I could get encouraging and power-filled Word I took it. Texts from friends, leafing through my Bible looking at the highlighted verses, I just started devouring and praying whatever stood out. One of the scriptures I enjoyed says:

For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so
that through <em><strong>endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures</strong></em> we might have hope.
May the God who gives <strong><em>endurance and encouragement</em></strong> give you a spirit of
unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus… </p>
Romans 15:4-5

What an “encouragement” to know that I can obtain endurance through His Word, AND, AND it is God who also GIVES endurance and encouragement. Not just through Scripture but by his Spirit. I can tell you though: without one you surely won’t recieve the other – without the word, you won’t receive the Word. Jesus is the Word of God. So just believing God or “feeling” Him isn’t going to cut it. But reading the Word of God by the Spirit of God as his love letter and instruction and encouragement to you, his child, his bride, his beloved WILL give you strength, courage, wisdom, healing, peace.

May the God of <em>hope</em> fill you with all <em>joy</em> and <em>peace</em> as you trust in him, so
that you may overflow with <em>hope</em> by the <strong>power of the Holy Spirit</strong>. (Rom.15:13)
I pray that out of his glorious riches he may <em>strengthen </em>you with <strong>power
through his Spirit</strong> in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts
thourgh faith. (Eph. 3: 16-17a)</p>

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