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The Crooked and the Straight

May 20, 2011

Do you like winding roads? Let me ask you this way: do you like winding roads when you are late, or determined to get to a certain destination quickly?

 Crooked roads are no fun when you are on a mission. Isn’t it great to know God promises to make your paths straight? But he’s not referring to roads is he.

There is a lie floating around that all roads do <strong><u>not</u></strong> lead to God. This just simply isn’t true. No matter what road you take in your spiritual walk – or even unspiritual walk – you will end up in front of God. All roads do lead to God; all roads do <strong><u>not</u></strong> lead to heaven. There are many winding roads but only One straight Way.

Why would God say he not only makes the crooked places straight but the straight ways crooked? Sometimes, we’re not going the right-of-way, and he creates a little winding to show us our wrong destination.

Thank God for when he makes the crooked places straight; but don’t forget to thank him profusely when he makes your straight ways curve right back to him.

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