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I Want to be a Tree

May 20, 2011

Seeds of Light = Trees of Life

As I began drifting off to sleep last night, I had this beautiful picture of the Seed of God: seeds of Light. They sparkled on the fertilized ground of my heart. You know what fertilizer is made out of right? When I mess up, God uses that as fertilizer to enrich my heart to receive the Revelation of his Word, his Glory, his Purpose for my life. If I allow the plow of conviction to till up the ground, these illumonery seeds are planted. It is sad when they fall on hardness, or rejection because the “birds of the air” (Matt 13) and even the winds of this world steal these precious, reflective gems.

Do you know what Seeds of Light grow into? Trees of Life. Ezekiel 47 tells us about these kinds of trees: Their lives will not wither, their fruit will not fail – it will bear every month and serve for food and the leaves for healing. Jesus is the Light of the world. And He is the Vine and we are the branches, he is then also the Seed of Light that grows us into Trees of Life. Redwoods are interconnected by their roots. That is how we are with Jesus. He grows us into Living Trees, but we are not unto ourselves, we are connected to him at the root-level.

“Their fruit for food…”. When we are continuously connected to Jesus, He is not only our root supply but our source of production. Natural-living trees get their food from nutrients in the soil and from photosynthesis. Do you remember that term? Taking SONlight and processing it into nurishment. Do you know what else Living Trees do? They take the poisonous exhalations of the world and produce life-giving inspiration – carbon dioxide into oxygen. Isn’t that an amazing process? God can and will equip us to not only deal with people’s noxious attitudes and actions, but even change them so that we can give back Life.

“Their leaves for healing…” The wonderful green leaves of a tree are where all this great production starts. The leaves are full of Living Water. Big spongy cells soaking up the Son providing not only nurishment for the tree but healing for those in need. I think of plants like alovera and others whose leaves have medicinal properties. The olive tree’s leaves are said to hold these values as well.

I want the multitude of the Seeds of Light to flourish in my life. I want to have leaves so plentiful that not only am I a fruit-barer consistently, but I have enough to be a part of nations being healed (Rev 22).

I want to be a Tree of Life.

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